First few weeks of farm school

Farm school has officially started and we are excited to have another year of great students. It is always inspiring for me to listen to our students’ background and how they come from all walks of life. They have different career backgrounds and levels of experiences in agriculture, yet here they all are, committing their time and money to make a drastic lifestyle change by learning about sustainable farming. I can already tell that they are a passionate and eager bunch! The students will be spending a lot of time together and we look forward to seeing them grow as a cohort, in which they will potentially be each others’ most valuable resources in their future farming journey.

Even though school had just started, farming and seeds do not wait! On the first day, we already had them shovel compost soil to cover up the gaps of our greenhouse. It’s important to seal these gaps because we do not want air to be going in nor escaping. It was also time to relocate the chickens from the warmth of the greenhouse to the fresh green pasture outside. Many students got their first experience with catching and herding chicken, as well as moving the chicken coop. Those chickens are sure fast runners!

I told you this cohort is an eager bunch! As it was the Easter weekend, farm school did not have classes; however, we still had some students come out and work! As I’ve said, there is never a down time at the farm, so you can always find something to do. As our clay land is still holding a lot of water, we start the season by prepping the beds in the greenhouse for sowing early crops. April is also the time for starting seeds, so that once the land is dry enough in May, we can start transplanting!

Finally,  as staff, we always remind the students that the farm is for them and we want them to give input on how to develop it; so, we can’t wait to see the accomplishments that they will make at the TFN farm!

-CAROLINE                                                                                                                   1601255_10204103226796742_2625976991787004351_n




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