Meet the team!

Meet the team!  
And, i’m not talking about the folks in overalls…
Yes, of course the people on the farm are very important. Without their hard work, dedication and passion towards food, the farm wouldn’t be where it’s at today and you wouldn’t be eating delicious, healthy and organic food. 
I’m talking about the unsung heroes of the farm. 
The animals play a massive role in helping us rebuild the life back into the soil. For years, the land has been exposed to mono crops of potatoes. This has made our soil become deeply depleted of life and nutrients and are in need of help. We rotate the animals regularly to fertilize the land carefully and strategically. In exchange for their help with the soil, we care for the animals in the most humane, ethical, and environmentally friendly way. We check on them multiple times a day, and are always making sure they are well fed and have loads of fresh water. 
The Chickens (The Laydies)
This incredible group of laying hens are rockstars! Our hens have loads of fresh open pasture to roam around and graze on. They are NEVER confined to cages, small spaces, or the indoors. In the upcoming weeks, once the younger ones get a little older, they will be moved to the orchard and upgrading to a mobile chicken coop (think of a 5 Star chicken mansion on wheels). Fruit trees and chickens work together in a mutually beneficial relationship. The chickens are great lawnmowers, keeping weeds and clovers at bay, they naturally fertilize the trees, and eat any bugs or insects that may hurt the trees. In exchange, the trees provide shade and protection from any predators, and occasionally drop a piece of fruit for them to snack on. 
Since their mansion will be on wheels, so we can rotate the area they are grazing and always give them fresh pasture to nibble on. Keep up the great work Laydies! 
The Pigs 
These little munchkins are an energetic bunch to say the least! That is, until they eat like pigs and sleep in a cozy double stacked nap pile. 
These pigs have a similar lifestyle to the chickens, they just like things… well… a little messier. They always find a way to get more food on their faces then in their mouthes. We plant a large area of cover crop of peas for them to run through and snack on. Once they have demolished, devoured and naturally fertilized the area, they get moved to a fresh, pristine, untouched area of new pasture. We often take mandatory “short” breaks to hangout and watch the piggies run around – they’re adorable.
Keep an eye open for the next round of introductions and updates! 
Farmer D.

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