Blog written by Collett

Photo credit: Rosella Reimer

Is the first word that comes to me when I think of a farm.

Growing is to increase by natural development, as any living organism becomes larger over a period of time.

Growth is what I’m experiencing at this time within myself as I’m preparing to farm at 50.

The Farm School is all about growth, from seedling, the soil, fruits and vegetables, the animals, pests and of course us students.

As a female entering into small scale farming there’s an unknown that is both scary and super exciting.  I feel that if I allow myself to keep it small, take the information that I learnt at farm school like: the farm is an ecosystem, tilling damages soil, plants love to be watered early in the morning, weeds can teaches us about the soil, honey bees like to fly in a straight line, there are beneficial pests that control bad pests, soil amendments, cover crops, farm smarter not harder and so much more.

As I move forward it’s important that I implement techniques that will benefit future generations: in how I water with less water, allow nature to take its course, grow food in harmony with nature, grow food for the bees and share the bounty with other.



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