One step closer to my dream

Blog written by Janine

My Opa, while making supper one night, said “if you can’t cook, how can you look after yourself?” That stuck with me. Striving to be more self-sufficient and wanting to see a sustainable food future, I took his advice a bit further – if you can’t grow food, how can you look after yourself, and those around you? I have been dreaming of farming for many years, but growing up in the city it seemed so out of reach.

I couldn’t find a farm job where previous experience wasn’t required and I was hoping for an educational setting. After hearing about the Tsawwassen Farm School I took the leap to learn how food is grown.

Every day at farm school is eventful, unpredictable, and full of teaching opportunities. I have learned to drive a tractor, predict the lifecycles of common insects, catch and wash a chicken, melt metal with welding equipment, identify a queen bee amid a buzzing hive, eat and use new parts of plants, and build  healthy, life-sustaining soil.

I still have so much more to learn. Most importantly, I’m developing the attitude farming requires – be open to change, any day could through you a curve ball.

I am so grateful for the knowledge, confidence, and friendship that this experience has given me. I have met many people who inspire me with their passion for sustainable agriculture. Thank you! A shout out to my fellow farmers-in-training for building such a supportive atmosphere. I’m so excited to see how we all continue to grow.

I look forward to a future of farming!

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