My farm school journey

Blog written by Aman Sanghera
September 4th, 2018

After a few years of considering quitting my full time job and wanting to become a farmer, I finally made the choice to do so and enrolled in the Tsawwassen Farm School. At TFS I have learned so much in such little time and is giving me the confidence to start my own farm operation one day which will consist of growing garlic, hops and planting a cherry orchard. It is fun coming to TFS to learn all there is about farming and Sarah and Mike do such a great job in teaching and creating a comfortable learning environment and my fellow students are also a great bunch and really fun to learn with.

You learn so much everyday whether its about soils, bees, pests or animals and the experience thus far has been so valuable. I find the field trips to other farms as such a great learning tool and always come away with a few nuggets of important information. The overnight camping trip to Spray Creek Ranch was so cool and allowed me to reconnect with my old home town of Lillooet, BC which would not been possible if I hadn’t enrolled at the TFS.


Going to TFS has allowed me to educate my kids on the importance of eating healthy and growing local organic fruits/veggies. My daughter Aleesya is now so keen on farming that she asks me all the time, “When are we going to buy a farm dad?”  I also had the pleasure of bringing Aleesya to the farm on a harvest day where she had a blast spending the day playing with the cat, checking out the animals and getting a feel of what it would be like growing up on a farm.

I am hoping to get as much out of TFS in the next couple months as the end of the farm season is approaching fast as well as my time as a student at such a great educational farm. I am truly going to miss it.

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