From Seed to Sauerkraut

Blog post written by Bryce Suttie
Tsawwassen Farm School Graduate 2019

From seed to sauerkraut, from piglet to sausage, this sustainable agriculture course provides education and guidance to the whole food system. We covered animal agriculture, perennial orchards as well annuals. Since we worked on an organic farm, pest control and soil biology were a focus. We had a specialist in each field teach us through out the growing season. We went on farm tours to surrounding areas of the Lower Mainland and Lillooet which gave us a great perspective of what is possible.

All the teachers were very knowledgeable, giving me the tools I need to become a successful farmer. Because I graduated, I have the opportunity to lease an incubator plot for the next 3 years. This will support further growth and experience with the land before eventually taking the intimidating yet exciting plunge of buying my own.

I am extremely grateful to have had this experience. Although I was there to learn, my time with the teachers and my fellow students was very personal and I’ll always cherish my time with them.

I highly recommend the course!

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