Not Your Traditional Education Program

Blog post written by Christopher Cheng
Tsawwassen Farm School Graduate 

The Tsawwassen Farm School program has given me more than I ever expected. I have always had an interest in agriculture and farming the land. Yet, before this, I had always believed that I had to go through a traditional program, learning the sciences and going through traditional classrooms to learn theoretical knowledge through books with the odd field trip here and there. It wasn’t something I wanted to sink years into learning without having a better understanding of what I wanted to do with agriculture first.

However, the Tsawwassen Farm school program operates as a true farm. A 7-month program, the teachers guide you from a small sapling until you are a mature tree, ready to stake it out on your own. You learn livestock management, crop management, beekeeping, greenhouse set up, the list goes on. What you think you will learn from the program versus what you will actually get to experience will be more than you think! 

Personally, I’m not a really outspoken person and I tend to keep to myself. However, the people I met in farm school are people I will always remember. They were kind and accepting no matter the background and the teachers were there to guide us when we didn’t know what to do. The Tsawwassen Farm school is an opportunity I encourage anyone who has ever had a slight interest in agriculture, as even if you don’t get specifically what you want from this program, you gain the memories and the community that will influence your future, no matter where you end up.

It will be hard work and sometimes a struggle getting up so early, but every day you will return home thinking it was a day well spent. Also, the food they make is super delicious and you get to bring a lot of food home, which is nice.

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